Alcatel 356

Aussi connu sous le Alcatel OneTouch 356

Réseaux :

Canada : 7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless, Petro-Canada Mobilité

Fabriqué :

October 2012

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Excelent Emergency Phone (Volume)

Reviewed on Sunday September 28, 2014 by , Toronto
This phone is an ideal emergency or back-up phone. I had only one problem. There is not a note as how to set the VOLUME, neither in the user's manual nor on internet. I had to play with the phone to find it out: navigation key (up-down) works while talking during a call and in FM radio and player.
I had Nexus 5 and got spoiled by it. This phone will help me to bridge the gap while I will get a new smart phone.
I paid $24.00 for the phone and $50.00 worth of air time (Petro-Canada Mobility). Sweet deal. To set-up the service was an easy process. They use same network as Rogers. So I expect to have a good reception.
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My first cell phone

Reviewed on Sunday September 21, 2014 by , vancouver
I selected 'calls' from the menu but the screen doesn't actually accept any input. It just seems to be a log of either outgoing, missed, or incoming calls. Also, upon online activation, I received a msg, but the message screen only allows for sending a msg, not viewing. User guide is no help - just a short pamphlet.
Probably my stupidity anyway - back to payphones!
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what speaker phone?

Reviewed on Wednesday March 12, 2014 by , canada
The description lies. There is no "Speaker Phone".
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Not Too Bad

Reviewed on Sunday March 9, 2014 by , Manitoba
Bought this phone from Kijiji for 30$.It came with a sim/sd card,charger,head phones brand new in the box.Put it together n activated it.So far so good.Figured out most of the functions in a few minutes.Since I mostly txt with making few calls,the phone seems ok.Ive txted with this cell n its not the fastest but the keyboard's ok.For basic txt n talk it's passable.Dont expect great features!Btw,the camera isnt very good and the speaker sounds tinny n hollow.Still it's adequate.For a cheap smart phone 3/5 stars.