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Aussi connu sous le Alcatel OneTouch Pop C7

Réseaux :

Canada : Koodo Mobile, PC Mobile, TELUS

Fabriqué :

August 2014

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Alcatel freezing frenzy

Reviewed on Thursday April 19, 2018 by , MONTICELLO
This phone is always freezing when trying to text call anyone it takes forever to do anything on this phone. The crazy part is I don't have any apps installed only what's preinstalled I'm so ready to go back to Samsung Alcatel has been alcahell
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Great Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday March 14, 2018 by , ajax
Had this phone over 3 years still going strong. Great fast phone love it alot. It is tough and apps work great. I think people expect too much for a little price. The price was great and the phone is great.
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Great for it's price. Never mind the whiners.

Reviewed on Thursday February 15, 2018 by , Kamloops, B.C.
Wow. All these people complaining about this phone boggles my mind. What Did you think you were going to get for an $80 phone??? My husband and I used this phone for 2 years and yes the storage sucks but it did everything we needed it to and we had no issues. They still work fine and I am giving them to someone in need. Also, don't most people review the specs on a phone before you buy? I sure as hell do! Don't buy a cheap phone and expect $500 phone quality. Plain and simple.
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Who even thought these phones would be a good idea?

Reviewed on Thursday January 25, 2018 by , Ontario
The crappiest phones to exist. I mean, really. Battery drainage after less than a year is a joke. A LOAD of unnecessary apps you can't delete, which make you run out of space. Absolute crap photo quality. This would be the holy grail in the early 2000's until the Motorola razr would come in, but now? Are you serious? Alcatel can't even compensate to make a good, actually functioning budget friendly phone? Ya'll are chincers. Do yourself a favour and spend your 100$ elsewhere.