Google Pixel

Aussi connu sous le Pixel Phone by Google

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Canada : TELUS, Bell, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Rogers
États-Unis : Verizon Wireless

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October 2016

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Toy phone

Reviewed on Monday October 16, 2017 by , Ponce Inlet
I'm Regretting purchasing the Google pixel. The battery performance is terrible - half a day - them the phone shuts down WITH NO WARNING. After charging the phone does not automatically restart.
No bells & whistles AND no battery? Horrible phone
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The Worst

Reviewed on Wednesday October 11, 2017 by , Cambridge
This phone has caused me more headache than any other phone I have ever had. I have had problems with it since I purchased it. The first problem I encountered with the pixel was the wireless connection. The pixel did not connect to the wireless properly in which I had no idea and wasted my entire 2gb in two days. I looked past it and blamed it being my own fault for not realizing. Although this phone does this consistently and switches to data when it fails to connect to the wireless even in your own home. The next issue I had with the pixel was the consistent glitches it has while on apps and even on the phone. I also looked past this and blamed it on being the first google phone has made so obviously I will run into minor problems. Now here we are a few months later; I can no longer even use this phone because I'm consistently hitting the restart button. I make phone calls and no one can hear me on the other end. The head phone jack decides when it wants to work and when it does not. Last but not least this phone is currently not even turning on although it was fully charged and working this morning. I have ever written a review before but I had to for this phone because I cannot wait to get rid of it.
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Do not buy this phone

Reviewed on Monday September 25, 2017 by , Washington DC
Do NOT buy this phone. It has so many issues. I got a new phone sent to me and it is refurbished and has the same exact issues, and I had to pay 150$. It doesn't have sound or play or record video. The battery sometimes decides not to charge and it randomly restarts constantly. Do NOT buy this phone I would do anything to go back to Samsung but I am trapped in my contract :(
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Easy Straightforward & Simple

Reviewed on Tuesday September 5, 2017 by , Cleveland Ohio
Had and iPhone and Android phones this is my favorite phone I've ever owned it's sleek and durable and I can access my email easily for the unlimited storage takes it comes with and the trial of Google play music. amazing photos I sell on eBay so I can run my entire store and keep and take all my product photos with this device and even access them on my computer. So simple and easy to use and set up everything syncs with the programs I use on my computer. This phone makes everything a breeze and makes my life so much easier. When I had an iPhone I found myself downloading so many Google apps and not using the apple ones. Doesn't continually Lock me out of stuff like my iPhone did. Battery life is great apps run smoothly phone charges extremely quickly