Google Pixel

Aussi connu sous le Pixel Phone by Google

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Canada : Bell, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, TELUS
États-Unis : Verizon Wireless

Fabriqué :

October 2016

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New phone after 10 years - Pixel 2

Reviewed on Tuesday March 6, 2018 by , United States
After 10 years of loyalty to the iPhone, I was finally persuaded to switch with the new release of Google's phone. Part of me just wanted to try something different, and the Pixels camera quality and cool design enticed me. I'm glad I did; I've never seen a more beautiful display with an array of vibrant colors. The phone operates flawlessly, the battery is great, it has quick charge which apple hasn't had. It's an all around amazing phone, best I've ever had !
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Continued problems, worst phone experience I've ever had

Reviewed on Wednesday February 28, 2018 by , Los Angeles
I bought the Pixel XL last year and was excited at first to get my hands on this new phone. Unfortunately the honeymoon period was short-lived, as very early on I experienced camera issues that, long story short, turned out to be a hardware issue. So, after a painful factory reset, it was determined that I needed to send the (new) phone back in to Google and have it replaced with a refurbished one. After that the camera worked very well, but soon thereafter the phone ringtone stopped working. I'm talking factory-installed ring tone. So, my phone only would give me missed calls or, if it were on my person, it would vibrate. Another factory reset and I'm ready to go back to iPhone and chalk up the hefty $1000 price tag of the Pixel XL as a very painful learning lesson. Avoid this phone!
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Patchy at best

Reviewed on Tuesday February 27, 2018 by , United Kingdom
Took delivery of a replacement for my first Pixel today. After a range of problems the first one finally gave up with a broken microphone. When it worked it was OK but then to work it needs to connect to WiFi (it didn't reliably) and Bluetooth (it didn't work well with speakers or earphones). The first one gave me a miserable year. I'm stuck with this new one for another year. So far WiFi reception is better, the jury's out on Bluetooth. But the back up worked well. At best though I suspect it'll be tolerable. I won't be getting another.
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Terrible functionality

Reviewed on Monday February 26, 2018 by , United States
I was finally convinced to try something other than an Iphone and I fully regret the decision to try the Google Pixel 2. This phone operating system is clunky, not user friendly, and flat out just a terrible phone. The camera was nowhere near as good as what they said it was going to be. Updating or adding contacts is a pain in the a** and if you are currently using your phone and receive a phone call, the buttons on the screen don't work so you can't answer it. This is only a few of the glitches that I have encountered in my 5 months with this phone but I would STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE PIXEL 2