HP iPAQ hw6515 évaluations

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The HP iPAQ hw6515 has an average user review score of 4 sur 5 based on 1 commentaire.

4 sur 5

An impressive PDA!

Reviewed on Wednesday April 19, 2006 by , Montreal, Quebec
I've been using the HP iPaq 6515 for a few days now, and I like it! I've used several models of BlackBerry before and I got my hands on a Treo 650 as well, so I was a bit skeptical when I decided to try a Windows Mobile based PDA.

Pros : The screen quality is great, very easy on the eyes. The keys on the keyboard are well placed, they reminded me of the ones on the BlackBerry 7290. There are a lot of software already bundled with the unit (Pocket Word/Excel, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player). Its also very easy to navigate the menus since all the icons are familiar. Surprisingly for a phone, the camera is very impressive! There are a lot of options and features (different colors settings, white saturation...). Web pages load pretty fast, thanks to the EDGE network. The reception and call clarity are also to be noted, this smartphone has RF compared to the best Nokias. I've found the OS to be pretty stable, compared to a lot of my customers. At least, its has been far more reliable than the one on the Treo 650!

Cons : The battery life is atrocious, you need to recharge it every day with minimal usage. The e-mail software is very slow when you ask it to check for new messages (at least you can put it on automated retrieval, that way the unit will check every 15 minutes). The PDA is big so its quite unconfortable to use it as a phone for a prolonged amount of time (the included headset is a must, if you don't have access to a Bluetooth headset).

So far, I'm enjoying this smartphone, and I would say I recommand it over the Treo 650.