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The LG 8600 ChocolateFlip has an average user review score of 3 sur 5 based on 23 commentaires.

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Reviewed on Friday December 18, 2009 by , pembroke
this phone is horrible....when you open it to dial its so loose it flops shut...the plug is too tiny and you have to fight to plug it in for charging.im so tired of the constant beeping of it and saying "changing service area" the pictures are grainy...no ringtones...i am not happy with this phone for any reason...you know wot they say bout ..."where the sun dont shine"
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I like this phone but...

Reviewed on Sunday February 22, 2009 by , Foremost, Alberta
it has so many glitches in it! The camera takes forever to load and then nothing happens usually. The scrren fades out for no apparent reason or will sometimes have these coloured vertical lines all over it. The buttons mysteriously switch around on me so that the on button is not the off button and vice versa. Also, when I send a txt the phone automatically restarts itself for no reason. Do not buy the phone...chosse a different one...but not the Samsung r500, that one sux too!
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Not for Music Lovers

Reviewed on Thursday November 13, 2008 by , Toronto
I was attracted to this phone because of its memory card slot and the frontside music player buttons. However, for a number of reasons, I am very disappointed with it as an MP3 player. Here's why:

1. Although it has frontside controls, you have to open the phone up to run the music player. You can turn the camera on, but you can't turn the music player on without going through the phone's menu system.

2. The music player takes a while to load, and you have to reload it each time. This phone can only run one program at a time, so you can't just keep it in the background.

3. Although it uses a microSD card that you can plug into your computer, you can't simply add music to the card and hit play. You need to download a telus music player application to your PC and add all your music into that player first. Like I really need another MP3 player on my computer!

4. When listening to music, you can't see what time it is. That's just pathetic. What, I need to buy a watch now?

5. The music application doesn't remember what you were listening to. So each time you reload the application, you need to forward your way to where you left off. If you want to listen to a book, forget it.

6. The handsfree microphone is poorer quality sound than others I have used previously. (Though I do like the fact that I can use any headphones with a 3.5mm plug.)

7. I never thought I would really care about ring tones, but I can't find any on this phone that I like at all. I guess they want you to buy some.

Overall, this phone is meant to help sell MP3s and ringtones, and not really intended to be the phone of choice for people that already have music libraries. Better software would make all the difference, and I suspect that better software was available from LG, but Telus is too focused on incremental revenue and not enough on basic user preferences and needs.
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my LG <3

Reviewed on Thursday November 6, 2008 by , Winnipeg, MB.
i love my phone...
sure it has it's faults but it's just like any other phone.
i've had a few problems but not that many
i had one time where the replaced the whole computer inside and the next time they just gave me a new phone because i sent it away three times but the other two times was only for minor issues
i love this phone
it's awesome.
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Reviewed on Sunday October 19, 2008 by , Chilliwack
Telus Telus Telus. Why have you forsaken me.

The Future is Friendly huh.

Sounds like it shoud be Tell Us The Future is Friendly.

I am righteously p***ed off. Between not being able to transfer files to the various sd cards i have put in the slot. The reception and dropped calls among other aspects of static and jumbled conversation are more than unbareable. This phone along with the Telus chocolate slide phone I have had truly are works of art. Ridiculous shows of workmanship that is.

Thanks so much for the c****y service and lack of responsibility. I cant wait for T-Mobile to hit Canada. Also with the Android Phones that are going come out have no issues with being unlocked. Thank the Cell Phone Saviours.

For now Telus you really need to rethink your act and get your **** together.
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Sooo Bad

Reviewed on Monday September 22, 2008 by , Barrie,ON
I bought this phone in March'08, within a few weeks I had to return it because of the faulty charge slot. Telus( gr8 provider) had to replace it with a new phone...The brand new replacement phone has caused me nothing but grief! I have since had to return it again Sept.'08. It surfs the web on it's own, it dials #'s randomly, it refuses to dial the #'s 3,6,9. It doesn't hold a charge for any length of time, it shuts off the ringer at random, it takes photo's at random...I could go on and on, my advice is "DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!!" I do have other LG products with which I am very satisfied. This is definatly not one of them. Why is it that these companies just shuffle the blame with no reasonable responsibity? Telus tells me that it is Lg that should be held accountable??? If I buy a faulty product from eg;Zellers...It is Zellers that I return that product to. Not the manufacturer. Why can't Telus some responsibity for the products the are selling? And why exactly did I pay extra for an extended warranty???
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Reviewed on Wednesday July 2, 2008 by , Dartmouth
I am very very upset that my phone is not working. I was at the fireworks and placed it on the grass just for a few mins. and now the phone will not work. It has water damage. SAD SAD SAD and I am not sure even if anyone is going to be able to help me. The phone is only one year of age. Please why or why if it is that easy to get water damage as they call it they don't have it under warrentey. Thanks to all that reads this. SAD SAD SAD
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Reviewed on Tuesday April 29, 2008 by , Kingston Ontario Canada
I recently got mad and and threw my Lg 8600 50 ft a car ran over it.It still looks and works like new.If anything i`m mad i cant break it!(FRAGILE)You Must Be CRAZY.PS I wasn`t mad at the phone.
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it not bad

Reviewed on Sunday April 6, 2008 by , montreal
this goes to qhom ever has or wants this phone. this phone isnt the greatest, i switched from a blackberry 7250 to a LG 8600 and i regret it because you have to buy the ringtones. the rest is up to you to discover.

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Reviewed on Monday March 31, 2008 by , Calgary
Not too bad a phone but fragile as an egg. I broke mine just dropping it and the charging unit is too small and breakable. They should have a simple round plug instead of a nearly paper thin device in the phone that is easily broken just trying to plug it in with an idiot plug that looks as though it could be plugged in either way, it didn't really fit any way for me and I had wiggle it around to get it to charge and it finally broke. Although it looks like it is designed for young people it should only be sold to senior ladies that are always careful of every move. I would not buy another one as I have never broken a phone in my life and have probably owned more than a dozen of them.

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Data cable USB

Reviewed on Thursday March 20, 2008 by , Quebec
Il existe une compagnie qui fabrique des câbles de DATA pour les cellulaires. C'est une compagnie américaine mais le service de livraison au Canada et au Québec est possible. Voici l'adresse ou trouver ce câble: http://www.3gcables.com/Products.html

Amusez-vous bien!
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un peu fragile

Reviewed on Sunday February 17, 2008 by , montreal
J'ai eu ce cell pendant un mois et je ne le recommande pas car il est trop fragile l'écrant exterieur est en plastique mince il est sur, c'a long terme ca va brisé sur tout si on le met dans sa poche.
alors je l'est échanger pour un razr2 v9m supérieur a mon avis.
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Love it,

Reviewed on Wednesday January 30, 2008 by , Canada
I love this phone, I am able to use the blue tooth and transfer pictures and files, only I can't transfer songs because its too big...but other then that my bluetooth works with any phone. love the big screen, the bright colours. reception is awesome. thin and sleek and able to use two wallpapers for the outside and inside. comes with awesome headphones better ones then my sisters shine phne headphones hehe :P
Love it!
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Reviewed on Sunday January 27, 2008 by , alberta
C'est un très beau jouet
je m'amuse beaucoup avec...
bonne réception, la pile a une durée , quand même assez respectable.
petit hic!... si tu as de gros doigts tu vas sacrer!
mais en général,je suis assez satisfait.
autres choses je n'ai pas réussi a faire jouer des vidéo et des sons que j'ai downloadé sur ma carte MICRO SD ,ça dit que le fichier est vide ( probablement pas la bonne version)
je continue mes recherches!!!! je me demande bien de quoi ça dépend????
pour la musique et les photos , pas de problème.assez bonne visibilité et bon son
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Reviewed on Thursday January 17, 2008 by , Moncton, NB
I like the phone. My only complaints about the phone itself are that the doors covering the USB connector and SD card are too flimsy. My other complaint is with [service provider]. [service provider] has disabled Bluetooth data communications. You can use Bluetooth headsets and use the phone as a modem but can not transfer data. We also have [service provider] Nokia 6165i phones and Bluetooth is fully enabled so I don't get the point of limiting the LG.

I have tried to buy a USB cable from four different dealers. None stock the cable. They want me to order it and wait a week for delivery. $50.00 from [service provider], $10.00 from eBay, one week delivery either way. What do you think people are going to do?

Amy from BC; The door covering the SD card is not meant to hold the card in. Push the card in until you feel it click into place. It will stay even with the door open. To get the card out push until it clicks and it will pop out.
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not a motorola

Reviewed on Tuesday January 8, 2008 by , Salmon Arm
I have only had my choclate for a few weeks, but I like it. I have great reception and although it can't have your own ringtones, it is loud enough to hear. I had a motorola the last two times and they suck. The last one was the worst phone ever, never worked from day one, dropped calls, dead zones everywhere. I complained and complained and never got any service so I dropped the contract and changed servers. DO not get a motorola!
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Good Phone for $0

Reviewed on Sunday December 23, 2007 by , vancouver, BC
I don't have too much to complain about re: the LG8600 Chocolate Flip Phone. The sound quality while talking to friends is really clear, if anything I have to turn the volume DOWN when on the phone. Music quality sounds pretty good, and I like that you can play it on speaker and do not require the headphones. Camera takes decent pictures considering it's a phone, and really if you wanted a great quality photo try investing in an actual camera! Plus another nice feature is you can actually take a picture of yourself as you can see it in the outside display as you are taking the photo. I like that you can have two different photos as your wallpaper. The only real complaint I have at this point is the cover to hold the mini sd memory card in the phone is not strong enough to hold it in; therefore unless you tape the side to hold it in you can't listen to your music (on the card) very easily.
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Don't buy it.

Reviewed on Wednesday October 10, 2007 by , Toronto
OK, the LG Chocolate Flip.
First of all, let me say the [service provider] menus programmed into all LGs and Samsungs suck. Buy a motorola. Or I've heard the new LG Shine has a different menu.
The Mp3 player is great. Good-ish sound quality, touch-screen playback buttons on the exterior screen make it easy to use. EXCEPT the Mp3 player has to be running. You cannot use it in the background while running other applications.
The camera on this, despite what that other guy says, is horrible. Grainy images, slow shutter speed and response time, no flash, no effects, etc. The list goes on.
The phone itself has very little memory: enough for 50 texts, a couple ringtones, and maybe 20 pictures. If you want any more of that multimedia stuff i recommend you buy a MicroSD card.
The texting is pretty bad. Along with the above-mentioned memory problems, it has bad text input and a hard time inserting symbols. Plus it asks you to save your message in your outbox EVERY TIME you finish sending a message. It drove me insane.
I should probably point out that it breaks very easily. mine cracked in half without much abuse.
When i broke, i rejoiced, as now i can get a new phone. =)
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Trop fragile

Reviewed on Tuesday September 25, 2007 by , Montréal
J'ai brisé l'écran après 2 semaines et demi malrgé le fait que je lui fais super attention.

Juste avec la pression pour faire fermer le flip c'est assez pour que le LCD du dessus pousse dans le LCD principal et le fait boguer au quatre coins.
Acheté un couvert rigide ou laissez le sur le bureau 100% du temps sinon il va briser.

De plus, les bouttons vont mal. On pousse souvent sur 2 à la fois.
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Its great but...

Reviewed on Monday August 13, 2007 by , Calgary
I really loved this phone, it takes excellent pictures for a cell phone, however [service provider] really sucks. I cannot do anything with the phone, and [service provider] made sure I cannot use Bitpim with it to make my own ring tones and wallpapers. The ringtones it comes with SUCK, and I cannot change the colours or format of my phone at all. I have an ancient LG phone and I can change screen colours easily. There is no software updates for the phone either. I liked my razr much better for ease in text messages as well and the standard features were much better. This phone is easy to care for even with the finish.

Sadly I dropped the phone when it was open and it broke right in half.
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Une merveille de l'avant-gardisme

Reviewed on Thursday June 28, 2007 by , Qc, Canada
L'aspect le plus intéressant avec le LG 8600 est toute l'ampleur de ses fonctions. Il n'y a rien à l'épreuve de ce cellulaire. L'ergonomie est des plus remarquables. Sa légèreté aussi. Le menu tactile du couvercle est très audacieux, celui-ci étant rétro-éclairé se désactive automatiquement après quelques secondes afin de ne pas modifier la qualité d'écoute des fichiers mp3, fichiers étant transferables par la micro carte SD d'un Gig, offerte avec le cellulaire. Pour un temps limité le micro bluetooth était offert chez *****, gageons que certains ont su en profiter!

Vraiment, je suis fier de cet achat!
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Marks Review

Reviewed on Thursday June 14, 2007 by , fort mcmurray
Software problems non stop, would rather have the awsome KRZR for the same price
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Reviewed on Sunday June 10, 2007 by , Nice
Acheter le ! c'est le meilleur céllulaire qui existe