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The LG Cookie Plus has an average user review score of 3 sur 5 based on 10 commentaires.

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Stay far from that phone!

Reviewed on Saturday March 17, 2012 by , Ottawa
I HATE this phone. Yes it is cute, yes it is easy to use but after a couple of months the problems started and it is terrible. Sometimes, randomly, it refuses to let me send text messages or pictures, turns off randomly and won't turn on again, won't let you access the pictures and many more... Always the same error message "Maximum limit of application reached", even if nothing else is open. Don't buy it.
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Reviewed on Saturday February 18, 2012 by , Toronto
I love this phone. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and there isn't a single thing about it that I don't like. To the people who think that the screen is unresponsive. You have to calibrate the screen every so often and that will stop it from being "Unresponsive". I've never had a dropped call or anything negative from this phone and I use it constantly. I would recommend this phone to anyone. It's the best phone I've had so far and I've been through A LOT of different phones from different providers.
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Reviewed on Tuesday December 20, 2011 by , canada
The phone is alright. I've had problems with it since day one but its not bad for the price. I find it is REALLY slow and after about a month the internet didnt work AT ALL.
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Reviewed on Thursday November 24, 2011 by , Canada
I just bought this phone today. I wanted a phone I could take with me drving (and texting). I have found no problem with the 'responsiveness' of the screen and so far it's a pretty good phone.. especially for the price.
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Reviewed on Sunday October 16, 2011 by , BC
I honestly can't even begin to explain what a piece of crap this phone is. Seriously, do NOT buy this. I'm making a point of leaving bad reviews for this so people don't make the same mistake as me. Its unbelievable how a phone can be this bad.
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Lg Cookie Plus.

Reviewed on Wednesday August 3, 2011 by , Canada
I have been obsessing with the Lg cookie fresh for like 2 months. I am Getting the Lg Cookie Plus this Friday. My parents were talking to someone and he said his sister has a cookie phone. And that he didn't recommend them at all. And that they were really crappy. Can any one tell me what is bad about them? Is it just the screen or the phone all together? There is no other phone i want. And i don't want to get a phone i will hate. Please Help!
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LG Cookie Plus

Reviewed on Tuesday August 2, 2011 by , Canada
I just got this phone yesterday and i already love it, if you had to choose between this phone and an othe rphone this one should be your top pick
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Reviewed on Tuesday May 31, 2011 by , Fredericton
The screen is unresponsive, the phone has horrible reception and drops calls constantly!

Worst phone I have ever had... hands down
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Cookie phone

Reviewed on Tuesday January 11, 2011 by , Calgary
This is the worst product that I have ever used.
The screen is very unresponsive and the product would not pass any quality control program in my book
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First Phone with Koodo = Very Happy

Reviewed on Tuesday November 23, 2010 by , Calgary
First cell phone with Koodo Mobile and I am happy!

- Audio call quality is really good
- Pretty good battery life
- 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can use regular headphones
- Interface is pretty basic and easy to use

- Touchscreen doesn't feel very responsive
- Videos captured through the phone are horrible

definitely recommend as a starter cell phone!