LG Rumour 2

Aussi connu sous le LG LG265

Réseaux :

Canada : Latitude Wireless, PC Mobile, SaskTel, Virgin Mobile

Fabriqué :

May 2009

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Text Message Layout is wierd

Reviewed on Monday September 3, 2012 by , Canada
The layout for text messages is odd. Theres no Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Saved. Its just all combined into one and its hard to read.

I love the LG Rumor 1 The best.

The buttons on rumor 2 are hard to push and theres the space bar is too small.
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camera problems

Reviewed on Wednesday May 30, 2012 by , Manitoba
I like my lg rumor for the most part. However, I took some pics with the camera...but I am unable to upload them onto my computer! I called tech support. lg does not have software to allow you to do this. I was advised to...excuse me but I am at a loss...something about a memory card, go to Bell store, buy a bigger thing to fit memory card into....blah blah blah! I assumed that if you have a camera on a product u would be able to upload onto your computer with out having to be a Dr. Sheldon Cooper!!!
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Died on me

Reviewed on Friday March 16, 2012 by , Sudbury, Ontario
I liked this phone when I first got it, and I've had all three rumours that have come out. I liked the first two much better. I've only had the plus for just over a year when suddenly it died. I have no idea why. It would not turn on no matter what I did (took out the battery, plugged it into the charger, etc.). I called Bell (the company I'm with) and they said they had no idea why it shut off. So now I have to go out and get a new phone just after a year of buying this one. Not impressed. Don't get it if you use your phone a lot, as it could just randomly die on you.
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Reviewed on Thursday October 13, 2011 by , saskatoon
Awesome phone this is my first phone all my friends have a phone so my mom let me get one and i love it it works well i get unlimited texting really great