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The Motorola RAZR V3T has an average user review score of 3 sur 5 based on 17 commentaires.

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Reviewed on Friday December 10, 2010 by , CA
For Motorola to claim that this phone has a standby time of 10.5 days is outright blatant misrepresentation. The actual time is MAYBE 2 days, and even this would be really pushing it. As to 7 hours talk time, this is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Someone should take Motorola to court for this false advertising.
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Reviewed on Wednesday July 22, 2009 by , Hawaii
i've had this phone for a WHILE ! & i used to always drop it, im clumsy. but then one day, i dropped it & it just shut off. ever since then, it doesnt ever turn on ! i try charging it & it shows the charging symbol on the front. but it doesnt turn on.
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mp3 help please!

Reviewed on Monday July 13, 2009 by , Canada
This phone seems to be working good for me so far. I've had it for about 6 months. Today i went out and purchased a 2GB micro SD card and adaptor because i would like to put music on it. First i tried to put music on with Itunes. I was no successful. Next i tried Windows Media Player. It shows that the playlist was "synced" onto the Micro SD card. When i put the card into my phone it recognized it but i am not able to find the music on my phone. I looked in the Digital Audio Player and in my sounds. Did i do something wrong? Can anyone help me?
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Reviewed on Thursday December 11, 2008 by , Port Elgin Canada
Motorola is an inferior product. This sub-standard phone is poorly manufactured and isn't worth the box it comes in. Motorola is even worst when it comes to providing warrenty, they don't stand behing their products.
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Setup Cd

Reviewed on Tuesday December 2, 2008 by , El Cajon
If anybody has the razor cd installation can you send it to me by mail cause mine dirint come with one please and thank you
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Garbage, Garbage, Garbage!!!

Reviewed on Tuesday October 21, 2008 by , Winnipeg, MB
C**P!! Had it for 4months, dropped once & it was toast!! Costs over $70 to fix it...NO THANK YOU...I'd rather mail freakin letters than get this phone fixed!! Worst phone I've EVER had (and I've had many phones in my time). Overall, highly NOT recomended!!
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how to silence camera sound?

Reviewed on Monday September 15, 2008 by , canada
I like my v3t so far, but i haven't been able to silence the 'boing' sound the camera makes when i take a picture. does anyone know how to do this?

i had a nokia 5300 before, the camera is about the same, but the interface doesn't feel as intuitive. the sound quality is pretty good, very loud. i also really like the external display, i don't have to activate the whole phone to see the time, which i think will save battery life.
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RAZR Rocks

Reviewed on Friday May 16, 2008 by , Winnipeg
I did alot of homework before choosing this phone. I almost chose the KRZR instead,but after comparing reviews of both products, in my opinion the RAZR v3t Quartz seemed superior. I read lots of complaints regarding battery life, but I have not had a problem...if batteries are used and treated properly, they can last years. The RAZR feels more sturdy and is bigger. In my small hand the RAZR is fine and I can use the keypad with no difficulty. The reception is great, but that always depends on the carrier (I do believe).
Someone stated in a review I read...and I agree...that these new phones are virtually little computers, and if you want them to last, you should treat them as such. RAZR v3t Quartz has surpassed my expectations so far, mind you I've only had it a month, but I anticipate years of enjoyment from this little unit. The MP3 player sounds great - the photos and videos are fine. I would definitely recommend this phone, it does more than most and alot of people probably don't use every single feature anyway... but if you do, RAZR rocks!
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Motrorola V3T

Reviewed on Tuesday March 25, 2008 by , canada
The V3t is an awesome phone, had it for about a year and it worked perfectly but i use the phone alot and the screen seems a bit loose after you use the phone alot but overall its a good phone.

One more thing this phone got stolen and do u have any recomendations on what phone to buy? i'm thinging of the krzr
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Worst Phone ever

Reviewed on Friday January 4, 2008 by , Toronto
This has to be the worst phone ever, I was using the phone completed my conversation. Made a new call and the LCD shattered, the phone did not drop or was banged. Its a clumsy phone
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Un téléphone à transporter dans un Ziploc

Reviewed on Wednesday August 29, 2007 by , montreal
Ce téléphone est superbe, mais de grâce ne l'exposez pas à l'air libre, il ne supporte pas l'humidité.
C'est en deux mots la conclusion à laquelle je suis arrivée suite au délai de réparation de 7 semaines. Sept semaines me direz-vous? C'est ça 10 jours ouvrable chez Rogers sans fils.
Une vrai partie de tennis, Rogers et Rogers sans fils vs Cellulab et Motorola en double sur le court central du stade Jarry se disputant la coupe Rogers!
Et moi là dedans, je suis le coureur de balle.
Et croyez moi, c'est moi qui cours, car il ne savent même pas jouer ensemble.
Mais que voulez-vous, comme disait l'autre, c'est pas moi c'est l'autre!!!
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All i have to say is...never buy this phone

Reviewed on Thursday July 26, 2007 by , Winnipeg
This phone was the worst.. I actually happened to loose it somewhere too, how? I have no cluer. But to be completly honest im kind of glad I did loose it, it seemed to freeze like all the time, like some of the buttons would stop working, so I wouldn't be able to dial anyones number that wasn't already in my phone book, the number 9 froze ALOT, which is not too good, because i learnt that almost all numbers have the number 9 in it, so that didn't go to well, and the vulume on the speaker stoped working. This phone is not a quality phone at all. I do not recommend it to anyone. I actually dont recoment the rzr phones at all. They are all crappy, flimsy, not sturdy, and it's just not a nice looking phone either, like people may like it because its thin but wow big deal, all phones are thin now..the phones stopped being big in like the 90's. And i dont like how wide the phone is either.
I remember when I bought it the guy at [service provider] was like "Did u know that the razr is on the top 10 list of things u must have?" hmm... never should have listened to him. Haha
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mp3 downloads

Reviewed on Thursday July 19, 2007 by , clackamas, oregon
all you have to do to download mp3s is get a microSD card, get a card stick so that you can connect the card to your computer through USB, and then drag mp3's in to the file that pops up on your computer. its that simple.
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How to load MP3's on really cool V3T

Reviewed on Tuesday July 3, 2007 by , Ottawa
Attach to your PC via the supplied USB cable.
Drag and drop your MP3 onto the removable drive under MY Computer. You can use Itunes if you really want to but i wouldnt. I prefer to make play list in Windows Media player and then sync it to my cell. Windows media will recognise the V3T. When you rip your tunes to the PC (Coz Im sure you dont use any virus ridden peer to peer software)set your ripping software to 192kps. The software on the V3t will not recognise MP3's at a higher bit rate. Did I mention that you need to buy a Micros SD card first. Also if you have 2 or more cards they are hot swappable. I think thats all you need to know. Strange nothing in the manual???? 4 stars only because I cant use higher bit rate MP3 files.
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Motorola RAZR V3T

Reviewed on Monday June 18, 2007 by , Canada
Phone is great quality, sound, calling, pics, voice dialing. For the former reviewer, to download MP3's you need the USB cable and the "Motorola Phone Tools" Software. This is an application that allows your computer to connect to the camera through the USB cable and then transfer MP3's, pics, videos, etc to and from the phone. It's a common cable. Also allows you to charge the phone through the USB connection on your computer. Hope this helps.
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3 stars

Reviewed on Thursday June 7, 2007 by , CANADA
I love this phone, I just got it yesterday and im wondering how to put mp3s on it
it didnt come with an installation CD so
i really dont know
i like the colour of it
great sound
everything is good
If someone knows how to download mp3s on the v3t
please leave a "review" with the answer
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Excellent phone!

Reviewed on Thursday May 31, 2007 by , Penticton
I really like this phone! First off, I always wanted a Razr not because of the slimness, but rather because of the large screen and large keypad. Fortunately I was unable to get the original Razr becasue of my contract, which freed me up to get the upgraded V3t Razr. I am very pleased with this purchase and would suggest this over the original Razr.

Upgrades (well, the ones that I noticed):

Better voice dialing - Instead of training your handset for specific names that you have to record in your handset (and also have to take the numbers off your sim card and put in the phone memory to do, OR have duplicate names) you can simply start voice dialing as soon as the SIM card is in your phone! And on top of that, you can actually voice dial by saying the digits you want the phone to dial!

Better Camera - obviously the V3t 1.3 Mp camera is better than the Razr's 0.3 Mp camera, but for some reason the screen in the V3t doesn't show the pictures as coming out very good. Even pictures sent from other phoens sometimes look poorer than they actually are. But once you send the picture to a computer or print it out, the quality is actually better than the phone itself shows.

Loudness - Many online users complain about how low the sound quality is in Motorola Phones. I don't understand where this complaint is coming from. Perhaps when the phones first come out in a region (the states, Japan, Europe, etc) audio level is a genuine issue, but it seems that once we finally get the phone here in Canada all those bugs MUST be fixed because this phone is plenty loud. I usually just keep it on 4 (7 being the loudest) and there are times I actually have to turn the volume down because the other person is too loud. Now, obviously if you're in a club or a concert or something, yes, you won't be able to hear the phone very well, but come on! you're at a club or concert!

Memory - in addition to raising the internal memory from (I think) 5mb to 12, the expandable memory slot is a godsend if you're gonna be taking a lot of pictures or listening to music. And like all memory card slots, the memory can be expanded to whatever capacity they make memory cards to at the time (I beleive 2 gigs is the current maximum for Micro Sd cards)

Music! - Even though the Razr could play music, it's memory REALLY limited it to just a couple songs, and the V3i with itunes had that limit of a maximum of 100 songs. Not only does the V3t have the ability to play Mp3s normally, it also comes with an Mp3 player program if you don't want to sort through what you want to listen to. Better still, since it doesn't have iTunes, you're not limited to how many songs you can put in the phone. You can load up a 2gig card with nothing but songs and the phone isn't gonna penalise you or place limits. You can have as much music as the phone's memory card can store! Although if you want a little bit of advice, I prefer to play my music from the playlists in the "sounds" area of the themes menu (where the Camera and video camera are located) because when you are playing music using the phone itself or a playlist in the phone itself, when a call comes in you can answer it on your wired headset, and when the caller hands up, the music starts right back up from where you left off! If you use the included Music player program, the program pauses when you get a call, but when you hang up you have to take the phone out and resume the program manually.

Much snazzier look! - Unlike the Razr, the V3t has a mettalic out metal finish that glints in the light and just makes it look all that much better! plus it's Metallic blue, which is my favourite colour! The V3i and V3t Quartz come in a Silver finish, but are equally as shiny. Not to mention, it's got the new illuminated "M" logo just under the front external display that lights up whenever you do anything with the phone! Much better than the Razr in terms of looks! (Again, the V3i and V3t Quartz also have this illuminated LED M logo on the front)

I can't think of any drawbacks, it's just an all around great phone! If you are looking for a Razr, shell out the extra few bucks and get this one over the Original Razr. It's just improved all the way around. Now, don't get me wrong, there could be better phones out there, but since you can't actually try out phones to see, I took a gamble on this phone and was ABUNDANTLY pleased with it! I am very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it to anyone out there! Unless, of course, if you're waiting for the iPhone (which Rogers will be the Canadian Carrier of!) in which case wait for that! :D