Nokia 2275

Nokia 2275 Front View

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November 2004

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Reviewed on Thursday December 9, 2004 by , Val Rita
I like simple phones that are phones and not cameras and flashlights. Battery life and reception are more important to me than color screens and Get It Now. Prior to getting this phone, I had used a V60c for about two years, and after it died, I tried the Samsung SCH-a670 and Nokia 6015i for a while. I like this phone the most. The reception is good, and the battery life is excellent.

small, light
huge, bright, easy to read screen
good reception
excellent battery life
changing the snap-on covers replaces the screen and keypad, this is a big plus if you carry the phone in your pocket - replacing the cover pretty much gives you a new phone
good features and menus, calc, games, etc

bad selection of ring tones
when you are in a no reception zone, the phone will search for a while and then it will go in to a "no reception" save mode - the issue is that sometimes it doesn't recover from this mode for minutes after you are back in a normal zone