Nokia 6360

Nokia 6360 Front View

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November 2001

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great phone

Reviewed on Sunday May 16, 2004 by , montreal
i have the nokia 6360 since 1 year i never have one problem. the only thing my reception is bad when i am going in laurendites area whitch it is far from the city, but still my phone never let me down.i recommand nokia phone for everybody because they have great model and you would not deceive like a new model on the market now.
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Somewhat OK

Reviewed on Tuesday March 30, 2004 by , Ottawa Ontario
I have had the 6360 for 18 months now in which it has been in for software upgrade as the phone constantly echoed, that seemed to solve the first problem. The phone has a wonderful loud ringers and good vibrate if you use it in very loud places. Now the problems, if you have long conversations the phone heats up after ten minutes and loses reception dropping your call until it cools down again. Here in Ottawa coverage seems to be waning as Rogers say they are not upgrading there digital network only gsm, so reception has dropped to choppy conversations, dropped calls, and calls going to my mailbox even when I have decent reception. I do like the features of this phone, but with the coverage now I would not recommend this to anybody.