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The Samsung A660 has an average user review score of 4 sur 5 based on 25 commentaires.

5 sur 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Saturday April 24, 2010 by , Ontario
I've had this phone since 2004 when it came out at bell and i'm still using it it's a great phone. I've dropped had it loose in my purse where it got banged around. It's only now starting to shut off when it shouldn't. but the sounds great and well i've had it six years almost now. i just wish it had a camera on it now. It's was a great first cell phone
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best phone ever

Reviewed on Thursday December 4, 2008 by , halifax
This is the best phone i ever owned, like everyone else says you can drop it, kick it, wet it, whatever, this phone takes a kicking and keeps on ticking!!!
thers no camera or mp3 player, but its a great phone with great reception, which is whats most important in a cell, i tink.

my current carrier dosnt carry this phone, which is the only reason i am not using it anymore...

highly recommended phone!!!
5 sur 5


Reviewed on Friday May 30, 2008 by , lac-megantic
c est un bon téléphone mais les onde sont pas fortes ,la batterie tiens assé longtemps j avais meme la manette de jeu super pour les jeux grand écran,avec la manette on dirais une manette de jeu pour le nintendo 64,et beaucoups de bon jeu téléchargeable donc du plaisir pour plusieurs heures
5 sur 5

Spectacular! Spectacular!

Reviewed on Tuesday April 15, 2008 by , calgary
well..i think that this is a greattttttttttt phone!! it is the hardiest phone i have ever owned..its been in a horse mouth in a large amout of liquids..dropped and thrown daily..the only result a few scratches... sound quality is awesome..but attena did break off but it still works great and gets awesome service...itsss geeeerrrrrreaaaaatttt
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A real Tough phone!

Reviewed on Friday July 27, 2007 by , bathurst
if your looking for a cheap and tough phone, this is the way one. had this phone for 2years, it got burnt, scratched,dropped , kicked , Thrown . basicly everything has been done to this phone. Even dropped in the water, quite suprising after a week of drying it up. It was still working , but the screen light didnt work... only down fall on this phone so far is the antenna. It breaks after awhile.
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Reviewed on Monday July 2, 2007 by , regina
i have had a samsung a660 for at least 3 and half years now an it works perfect for me. ive dropped it on sament,gravol. and even in waterand it still works like new. i have never had any trouble with it. the internet is great on it. its fast at sending texts. so i sugest that yu get one of these.
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Great phone for the money!!!

Reviewed on Saturday August 20, 2005 by , San Francisco
I`ve had mine for almost 2 years now and I could definitely say that it`s a tough phone.I didn`t take care of it,dropped it,etc. and the phone works just like new.Its size and shape makes it harder to get much scratches on it,even when used like I use mine.Reception is great,perfect functionality and really inexpensive.
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Phone should be recalled

Reviewed on Sunday August 7, 2005 by , Beaumont Texas
I got three a-660s on the same plan and two of the three have cracked next to the led light. After it cracks it is a matter of days before it needs to be replaced. I have had all three for 8 months. I guess that is decent time. My last phones lasted 2 years they were Kyocera. They were great. This phone sucks.
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Reviewed on Monday July 4, 2005 by , samsung a660
Le samsung de bell est 100 fois mieux que le samsung 650 de telus!!! meilleur utilisation mieux expliquer et meilleur service..!!! super bonne portée merveilleux!!!
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Clicks Hiss Clips!

Reviewed on Saturday June 11, 2005 by , Ottawa
Bought a Samsung a660 on Bell Movility and returned it within a day after testing. Bad sound quality... It cuts a bit of the voice at the beginning of words after the slightest pause. Hisses a lot, makes unplaisant clicking sounds. Horrible phone.

Two sales reps recommended it as their best for sound quality. So what should I TRY NEXT?
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Excellent téléphone

Reviewed on Tuesday June 7, 2005 by , Shawinigan, Qc
J'adore ce petit Samsung. Facile d'utilisation malgré ses nombreux menus. La réception est excellente, les sonneries sont adéquates et la batterie à une bonne autonomie. Si vous désirez un téléphone sans gadgets c'est l'achat à faire.
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Only saving grace is the voice dialling...

Reviewed on Wednesday May 4, 2005 by , Hamilton, Ontario
Where to begin?

Most importantly, the sound quality is terrible. There is a constant hissing noise that won't go away. Words get chopped up and dropped constantly. The volume fluctuates... It takes a lot of concentration to understand what people are saying. The volume controls seem to be on a time delay... turn it up and nothing happens... turn it up more and still nothing... wait 10 seconds and all of a sudden your eardrums get blown out...

Compared to my four year old Motorola timeport flip phone, this thing is junk. You'd think four years of technological advancement could only make for a better phone... Apparently not.

The phone book is slow to navigate through. As you scroll down, it hides the next name in line so the next name it gives you was not the one you just saw next down on the list. This can be very confusing. The old Timeport let you store multiple home/work/mobile numbers for each name but not the Samsung. Each contact gets only one home number, one work number etc. If your friends have more than one home or work number, you have to store them as pager or fax numbers...

The screen is impossible to see in sunlight as well...

The voice dialing is impressive so long as there is very little background noise. You don't have to pre-record anything as it just reads the names you typed into your phone book. Too bad it doesn't let you enter names with more letters... My old Timeport let you enter more letters... Don't make the mistake of using abbreviations unless you want to try to pronounce them to use the voice dialer though...

Overall, the terrible sound quality makes this phone a loser. What good are video games and a colour screen if the phone can't do its basic task well?

I would have got something different but Bell told me this was just about the best phone they had right now and that they weren't carrying any new Motorola flip phones. What a sad state of affairs...
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Reviewed on Wednesday May 4, 2005 by , Newfoundland, Canada
I like the Samsung sph a660 but there was some down sides. 1st: the phone is unconfortable to have at your ear for a while. 2nd: you will get an echo from time to time. 3rd: this phone gets really hot when used over a long period of time but which ones don't. Overall this phone is a nice phone and i would recomend it to anyone.
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Reviewed on Monday May 2, 2005 by , Angus. ONTARIO
I have gone to Bell Mobility twice and tried out two A660 phones just to make sure it wasn't the usage area. My first phone didn't work in around my home-5 blocks away from my house, then the second did work however both always had static or hiss in background and calls would drop off because of lost signal regardless of where I was. My friend who lives a block over has the same phone and her reception is normally fine but she also has static even when she goes into Toronto. I guess it's a hit or miss depending on the phone you get whether it's a lemon or not. For a female with long nails - FORGET IT the buttons will drive you crazy, they are too small ! I have also missed several calls due to poor ring volume. The menu applications are not user friendly - hard to find applications and to add a phone number to the phone book is a REAL procedure! You can't even call a person from the phone book after you look them up in your phone book only edit them or delete them - stupid aye?
Going back to Bell for a new phone - OBVIOUSLY :O)
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Dissapointed by Samsung

Reviewed on Sunday March 6, 2005 by , Calgary, AB
I recently decided to upgrade my phone. I had the Samsung SCH-N370 before on the Bell Mobility Network. I decided to try out the a660, and was sadly dissapointed. The phone had great features, and a great display, however, the sound quality was POOR.

The sound was very tinny. There was always a constant "hiss" in the background. It was like talking to someone on a bad speaker phone as the beginnings and ends of sentences would "click" in and out.

I promptly returned the a660 to the BellWorld, and spent $50 more for the a600. The a600 is definetly worth the extra price.

I guess it goes to show that you get what you pay for!
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battery problems

Reviewed on Wednesday February 2, 2005 by , belleville, ont
I recently purchased this phone for myself, I only had one problem, and it was the battery. I took it to bell and they told me it was because of where I live. I would charge to phone and take it to and from work and I only used it once to call my wife and in 2 days the phone was flashing saying it was dead. And I had it fully charged. Bell said It was because of the area I lived in. But the lady up the road from us has the same phone and hers is fine, it lasted alot longer. The reception is excellent, no complaints. But Bell gave me a hard time. Even though I have been a customer for 8 years and I was upgrading my phone because mine would not keep charge. They charged me full price and gave $150.00 credit on my bill still costing me $99.00 thats with a 3 year contract. I ended up deciding to return the phone with in the 12 days and ended up conecting the old phone back up under my old package. Now Im thinking about changing to a different cellphone company all together. If I was a new customer it would have cost me 49.99. They don't appreciate the customers they have. All in all the phone was excellent while I had it< other than the battery would not last as long as it should have. C.H
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Great phone!!

Reviewed on Wednesday December 1, 2004 by , Terrace, BC Canada
I'm very impressed with the phone. Reception is better than my Motorola Timeport 370C. The digit dial, menu select, name selection by voice is absolutely awesome! Everything about this phone is great except the feature of speakerphone my Timeport had. But the size difference & features more than outweigh that.
Highly recommended!
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Terrific Little Phone

Reviewed on Monday November 22, 2004 by , Columbus, Ohio
I upgraded my old Sprint PCS Samsung A400 to the very cool A660 and really couldn't be happier. I originally had purchased an LG VI-5225 but the earpiece was way too loud, even on the lowest setting. Anyway, I'm much happier with this phone. I love the sturdy design and how small and curvy it is. The display is very bright and easy to see. I guess, I would like it if there was an outside display, but I suppose it won't kill me to actually open the phone. The reception is much better than my old A400. It would have been nice if they had included a desk charger instead of a travel charger. But I paid paid 179.00 for this phone with a 150.00 rebate. How cool is that? I've never downloaded ringtones, screensavers or games to my phone before and this little phone makes it easy and fun! Great little phone.
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great phone

Reviewed on Sunday November 14, 2004 by , united states
ive now had this phone for 8 months and not one problem. i really didnt want another flip phone but this one rocks. simple easy to use great reception. i have not one bad thing to say. phone was 175.00 but after instant rebate total cost 10.00 what a deal. i suggest u buy this phone u wont be dissipointed!
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Nice Phone

Reviewed on Thursday November 11, 2004 by , Brantford, Ontario
I have had my 660 for about 3 months and am quite happy with its reliability. I was looking for a good phone without the fancy gadgets (cameras etc) as this is my only phone. I have one small complaint and that is the quiet ring levels. I leave mine on the loudest and vibrate as well because I have missed a few calls with the phone sitting on the table in front of me. On the whole though great phone and would recommend it to anyone.
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a660 is an A+ performer

Reviewed on Thursday October 28, 2004 by , Cleveland, Ohio
This little cell really is impressive. For someone who wants a phone to be just that, a phone, the a660 outshines all of the competition. Excellent reception, sound and clarity, for the money Samsung has got it right on this one. With the exception of no external display/clock (I wear a watch so who cares) this little guy is a 5!
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It will make you Proud!

Reviewed on Tuesday October 12, 2004 by , Boston
This is truly a wonderful phone with few faults. one thing i wish it had was a clock on the outside, but sometimes simply designs are just what we need. Otherwise, its light weight, and performs beautifully; the ringtones are great and the buttons are big enough to read. i know from experience that some of us have a hard time pushing the right button because of the stupid ugly design of our phones, but this is truly a winner!
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Very Happy

Reviewed on Thursday September 9, 2004 by , Ottawa
This is the fourth cellular phone I have purchased since I have been using cellular technology, and I think this is the best one so far.

I was very reluctant to buy another "flip"-style phone due to my great dis-satisfaction with the Motorola StarTach; I had two other "one-piece" phones (Nokia and Kyocera) which worked very well. The technician at Bell Mobility understood my concerns about a "flip", and explained the better design of the Samsung (plus their 15-day satisfaction warranty), so I gave it a try: 60 days later, I still have the phone!

The Samsung SPH-a660 is a powerful little phone, getting 1X reception where my old Kyocera would barely receive Analog reception. I particularly enjoy the colour display, the programable ringtones, and user-defined "Launch Pad" (arrow keys); almost everything be re-set to your preferences. The software (Phone Book, Calendar, Settings, and Alarms) on this phone is very easy to understand and use, and very user-definable.

Yes, it is true that the a660 is more expensive than other phones, but, as the saying goes: "you get what you pay for", and in this case, it is worth the simplicity and ease of use of the phone. I highly recommend it.
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Reviewed on Saturday September 4, 2004 by , Winnipeg, MB
with all the phones i've had, i've come to a conclusion that an overall balance is what many phones are lacking. Motorolas are not the easiest to use, kyocera and audiovox seem to have reliability problems and nokia's have the goodies but always come out with same looking phone. Although, it is lacking the outer display, the quality, features and user friendly menu make this phone well worth the money. GET IT.
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So far....

Reviewed on Thursday September 2, 2004 by , Winnipeg, Manitoba
This phone so far has been the most reliable phone I've ever had. I have tried Nok 3285, Mot 120c/e, Mot 730, QCP Slider, Kyo 5135 and Nok 6585. This has been the most satisfying in terms of reception, reliability, usability and technology. The downloadable stuff work excellent on this phone. Great sound quality and hearing. Excellent reception. Good quality of colours.