Samsung A860

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July 2005

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It's alright.

Reviewed on Monday February 18, 2008 by , Toronto
to make it short..
it has crappy sound,
it cuts you out of your phone calls alot.
and after the 2nd year i had it, it began to crack and evantually the whole thing snapped in half
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Does what it's meant to do

Reviewed on Sunday November 25, 2007 by , Manitoba
Not a bad phone, I got mine free on a 2 year contract, and it worked great for a year and a month.

Although the reception in the countryside is terrible, I used it once in the summer to call the city and it was horrible! Had a hard time calling in sick lol!

Then one day I took it out of my locker (no one else uses), and it was just messed up!

Screen was red, black, green, blue (every other colour aswell), flipping side to side and backwards, then sometimes it would cut out.

Took it to get repaired about a month later got it back and no problems yet.
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Not impressed

Reviewed on Friday October 26, 2007 by , Winnipeg
I got my phone as part of my 2 year term. Now I know why it was free with the contract. Within a year and a couple of months my speaker on my phone gave out. I do not put as many miles on my phone as alot of my other friends or co workers do, and it is now done. The phone itself functioned fine otherwise.
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Just Fine

Reviewed on Wednesday September 12, 2007 by , Turtleford
I have had my phone for 3 years in January and it has not once let me down. I use it all the time - talking, text and more. I don't know it does what i need it to do.