Samsung Galaxy S8+

Aussi connu sous le SM-G955W

Réseaux :

Canada : Bell, MTS Mobilité, EastLink, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, SaskTel, Tbaytel, TELUS, Videotron
États-Unis : AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile

Fabriqué :

April 2017

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Reviewed on Tuesday April 25, 2017 by , Salem, OR
The phone has a beautiful display. The pictures you would normally take are wonderful. The speakers are not so great, but most people will be listening on earbuds or headphones so its not that big of a deal. The back button on the bottom of the screen is hard to reach with one hand, if you are using your left hand. The iris scan works, but is only reliable if not wearing glasses or contacts. The fingerprint scanner works well, but it is hard to make full contact with it without being able to see it (as it is on the back of the phone).

The most ridiculous thing is that, to get the VR promotion, you have to submit a picture of your purchase receipt in the app on your phone. When you try to take a picture of the receipt WITH THE S8+, all of the words on the receipt come out so distorted that you can't read it. I don't know what is up with that, but I had to have my wife take a picture with her IPhone in order to get an acceptable picture.