Apple iPhone 5

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Canada : Bell, MTS Mobilité, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Latitude Wireless, NorthernTel, Rogers, SaskTel, Tbaytel, TELUS, Virgin Mobile
États-Unis : AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile

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September 2012

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Reviewed on Friday October 2, 2015 by , cincinnati
so i purchased one of these so called amazing iphones put it in a otter box dropped it once and glass exploded, what a piece of junk,just spent the past 5 years with a common lg smart phone dropped it a hundred times no breaks iphone....junk!!!!!!!! buyer beware
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Reviewed on Thursday January 22, 2015 by , pa
I love the iphone 5s. It is so easy to use my daughter is almost 4 and she can use it!! My husband has a galaxy 4 and the system is so hard to use and navigate through. I would pick an iphone over any other smart phone anyday!!
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Not too good

Reviewed on Tuesday October 21, 2014 by , Pennsylvania
I have only had my iPhone 5S since April and it's already almost completely stopped working. It has cracked multiple times even with my otter box case on, and chargers don't work on it anymore. The keyboard freezes multiple times and I often have to reset it. A majority of the time, I don't receive notifications until 30 minutes to an hour after they were actually sent. If you're looking for a long lasting phone, I don't think this is it.
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Reviewed on Friday February 28, 2014 by , USA PA Erie
I wish I would never have got an iphone it's a complete waste of money at first the phone was everything I wanted but between all the software updates and the fact that siri usually pulls up the wrong thing I'm very disappointed