LG Chocolate GiG 8560

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Canada : TELUS

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November 2008

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Great phone while it lasted

Reviewed on Monday April 18, 2011 by , Montreal
Got it after my other phone spent the night in a water puddle at a camping. It's been about 2 years i've had it, and only problem i could see is that one of the 2 speakers stopped working after 3 months. and the front wheel lost it's clicking feeling after about a year.
Speakers are loud enough for a low-noise environement, and the 3.5mm headphone jack makes it perfect to use any noise cancelling earbuds or headset so you don't need the music too loud to enjoy it without outside noises.
Camera takes great quality picture for a cellphone and even takes videos in 640x480.. it's definately not made for videos. but usefull to keep some memories like messages from friends when you move out of town.
I got a LG Banter to replace it and it's so useless that i'll be keeping that half Chocolate bar as an mp3 player.
- 1 star for the non working speaker and the non clicking wheel.
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LG Chocolate GiG

Reviewed on Wednesday November 26, 2008 by , Banff
I have been a LG user for about 4 years now but Have had challenges with the LG 8500 chocolate. I recently upgraded to this piece and am no longer going to invest in a product name after a desert. My recommendations to those who invest in this product do it on a short term cause [service provider] has no flexibility in assisting me with a replacement.