LG Neon TE365

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April 2010

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Worst Phone Ever

Reviewed on Thursday August 30, 2012 by , Canada
I Dropped This Phone A Couple of time and everything broke starting from the Home Button To The Paint
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Reviewed on Thursday April 7, 2011 by , canada
at first, when I got this phone I had a sim card issue. The reception was AWFUL, any calls I made were it was completely impossible to understand what the problem was. I got a new sim, and then it worked for a while. After I had the new sim for a few weeks, my phone would randomly shut off on me. When i turned it back on, it would be very slow to open anything, and both my outbox and inbox would be empty even if I had lots of texts in them. It shuts off all the time during texting, and takes forever to send texts. Also, sometimes I send a text, and it shuts off...and when I check my sent messages to see if the message sent, it will be gone, and will also not be in my outbox.

This phone, is AWFUL and completely full of bugs. I also hate how the touch screen is for dialing phone numbers numbers only, I mean HOW DUMB! so stupid. The battery also gets goes down to one bar quickly..but then stays at one bar for ages...its weird.

LASTLY, my phone isnt even working at the moment. It powered off when i was in my pocket....I thought it was dead. I went home and plugged it and and know it wont turn on. I've even taken the battery in and out a good five times, and still nothing..

Save you money, and save yourself a massive headache, DO NOT buy this phone.

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LG Neon TE365

Reviewed on Thursday March 31, 2011 by , Canada
When it comes down to it, it's a phone. You use it to text, talk and check your stuff.

The only problem I'd say I actually have with it is that if you call for your bus and you need to use the number pad you have to slide your keyboard out. :/

That and I need a proper protective screen. -.-;

Other than that, I love it. And it's so much cuter than everyone elses. XD <3
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bad idea

Reviewed on Monday March 28, 2011 by , Granby qc
I bought this phone only to find out when i brought it in to be fixed that 3 out of 4 phones brought in for repair at Fido are this model! The first time they had to install a whole new program because it would randomly turn off. Now it randomly hangs up on calls when the signal is fine. If you set it to vibrate mode half the time it doesnt vibrate. A bad feature is that the touch screen does not have a sensor so that when you hold it up to your ear to talk the touch screen doesnt work. So when you are talking your cheek presses the screen and presses buttons!!! Really a bad phone and dont recommend!